Personalized Gift e-Nouncements®

A free service to let them know their gift is on its way.

Use one of three FREE Gift e-Nouncement® Services to let them know a gift is on the way:

Webcam Video: Record a personal webcam message.

ECard, Printable and Photo Upload: Email or mail a personalized card with your photo.

Certificate with Photo/Logo Upload: Email or "print and present" a custom certificate with your photo or logo.

Send e-Nouncement®

Follow these Easy Steps: Click here for a demonstration.

  • Select a delivery date for your gift.
  • Continue through check-out and click the Gift e-Nouncement® link at the bottom of the Order Confirmation page.
  • Choose the gifts you would like to send a Gift e-Nouncement® for.
  • Select a Gift e-Nouncement® method: Webcam Video, Ecard, Printable / Photo Upload or certificate.
  • Select a Gift e-Nouncement® delivery date and add your personal message.
  • Click the "Send" button to send your Gift e-Nouncement®!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gift e-Nouncement® Service:

Why use our Gift e-Nouncement® service?

  • If you think the gift may not arrive in time for the occasion, Gift e-Nouncement® is a great way to notify the recipient that the gift is on its way. It’s perfect for when you're ordering late, or sending gifts overseas. And it’s memorable! A Gift e-Nouncement® is exciting, and heightens the recipient’s anticipation of your gift.

What if the recipient does not open his or her email?

  • You will receive verification when the Gift e-Nouncement® is opened. If you want to ensure the recipient opens it by a certain time, it may be a good idea to call and give a prompt. Your actual gift will be shipped according to your order.

Will the gift recipient be added to some kind of mailing list?

  • No. Only your Gift e-Nouncement® will be sent to the recipient, unless he or she chooses to receive more information.

Can the recipient see the price of my gift?

  • No. Prices are not shown in your Gift e-Nouncement®.

Can the recipient check on the order or make changes?

  • No. As the gift purchaser, you control the order and only you are able to check its status or request any changes.

What if I'm sending gifts to multiple recipients?

  • You may create as many Gift e-Nouncement®s as you would like, up to the number of gifts in a single order. Unfortunately, this service is currently not available to customers sending gifts to 15 or more recipients in a single order.

Can I use the Gift e-Nouncement® service now?

  • If you are placing an order online today, please create your customized Gift e-Nouncement® at the end of your order process. Just click the link on our Order Confirmation page. If you placed your order previously, click here to send a Gift e-Nouncement® to your recipient.
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