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New Food Gifts

Rely on Wolferman’s online bakery for your next baked goods delivery. Now you can fill your home with a thrilling array of new gourmet goodies, all crafted with the finest ingredients. Generations of master bakers have been busy since 1888 working with our own tried-and-true recipes and creating fabulous new ones. We're especially proud to offer our growing array of new breakfast bread options and savory entrées.

While our gourmet food gift baskets still brim with favorites, such as English muffin bread, our super-thick signature English muffins, home-style cookies, and fruit preserves, we’re including some new gourmet specialty baked goods to the mix. Gourmet delights from our online bakery are becoming more and more popular. Food aficionados have long been aware of our extra-thick English muffins, the ones that are substantial enough to serve with the richest, most indulgent toppings, and now they are flocking to try our new baked goods, each with a unique and decadent flavor profile.

You'll find incredible new heat-and-serve desserts, tasty breakfast bread, and exquisite brownies, all ready to set out on your buffet. Send a baked goods delivery to a friend or loved one; they'll appreciate it, and perhaps they’ll even return the favor. All of our gourmet food gift baskets are sure to surprise and delight and are perfect as delicious gifts, for impressive entertaining, or for your own Sunday brunch.